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Welcome To My Solid Colored Banners

    I have made some solid colored banners that you may use for what ever you like. All I ask is that you transload them to your own files. If you are on the PageBuider please use the scrapbook to add them to your pages.
    All of these banners are 468x60 in size but if you would like to have a different size and you don't know how to do this let me know what banner and what size you want and I would be glad to change it for you. You can reach me here at:  JokerV
    The first banner is a transparent banner that you may need for some reason. When you click on to it you will not see it but believe me, its there.
Transparent Banner

You will not see this next banner either because it is black.

 Black Banner

Dark Blue

Meduem Blue


Another Blue

Blue Banner

Green Banner

My Banner


Pretty Color

Nice Color

Dull Color

Same Banner

Good Banner

Nice Green

Good Banner

OK Banner

AOK Banner

Very Nice



Pretty Banner

Great Banner

So-So Banner

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