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I do not take these awards lightly and I want to thank everyone who has given me their award for this website.

What an honor, I have been selected as Draac's Pick of the Week for Jan. 7, 2001. Thank you Draac very much.

Draac's Award

Thank you LADYMO for this fantastic award.

January 15, 2001

LadyMo's Award

Thank you very much for this fantastic award.I am honored!


Thank you PAULIE for this award.

Paulie Award

Thank you Bill and Barb for this great award

Thank you Janet for this great award

Thank you Dee for this great award on 2/19/2001

Thank you Diana for this award on 4/2/2001

Diana's Award

Thank you Aurora for this award on 4/22/2001


Thank you Kathy for this award on 6/3/2001

Kathy Award

Thank you GlimerMann for this award. 6/10/2001


Thank you Lady Morningstar for your great award. 6/25/2001

Thank you David for this great award. 6/27/2001

David's Award

Thank you very much Annette for this award. 7/16/2001

Thank you Tina very much for this award. 7/20/2001

Thank you Dee for this beautiful award. 8/15/2001

Thanks Emerald for this award. You are so kind


Ems Award

Awards for the year 2002


Thank you Area52 for this fantastic award


Thank you for this award. I am really honored.

August 1, 2002

webring award

Thank you Christine for this award

September 9th 2002

Christine Award